Singing Made Simple Review

Reviewer: Steve OlbrichSinging Made Simple will really improve your vocals!
Product Reviewed: Roger Burnley’s Singing Made Simple
Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars


The website promised to reveal secrets of professional singers. I bought the product on this premise. Secrets? Not only that. More like great mysteries of the entire universe. I can’t thank you enough for the quality system you have put together.

After spending about a month practicing what I had learned, I decided to play a trick on my band. I recorded myself singing some impossibly high notes at perfect pitch. I sat the band down in the studio and told them I had found a great female singer (I’m male) who could hit some amazing notes. They were blown away, talking about her perfect pitch. I started laughing hysterically. They were a little shocked at my laughing. I managed to get out between laughs “That was me singing!”. They didn’t believe a word of it. When I finally calmed down, I took a deep breath and used all that I had learned. I hit the same notes. Every one of their jaws dropped. Hahahaha! It was awesome. We integrated those high notes into one of our new songs and it gets huge audience reaction every time.

The high-notes aside, I really improved my overall tone when singing. It was great to reach that next level of singing. I knew I needed to do something to improve – not that I was horrible, or anything.
The lessons were simple to follow. I really appreciated that. I was never great with school (I wanted to play music, not do calculus) but I was presented with easy to follow instructions and mind-blowing revelations. Really. I used to sing to ‘wrong’ that my voice would be hoarse the entire day after the event.

I had questions part way through the training. I thought “Great, I’m stuck. Now what”. I emailed the company and they reminded me that there were weekly live calls where you could ask questions and get personal mentoring from the creator of this system! Problem solved right away! I’ve never had service like this. Ever.

This program was all about learning on my terms, at my pace. If I could only learn for about twenty minutes one day and then not for a few days, that was okay. No one was guilting me into anything I didn’t want to do at all. On Saturdays, I’d spend a good few hours. It was easy to get enveloped in all of the revelations.

Thanks so much!