Exercises for Singers

Singers are musicians just like a guitar player or a drummer. The main difference, of course, is the instrument which the singer uses. Their instrument is their voice! The voice created from different parts of the body. Again, like any other musician, the singer’s instrument needs to be treated with respect and care, including doing exercises to make the voice strong, to keep it in the best working order and to prevent injury. Here are some exercises for singers.

Knowing how to breathe properly is the key to good singing and one of the basic exercises you should know. One exercise singers can do to strengthen their breathing control is light a candle and put it down around eight inches from the face. Taking a big breath in, try to make the flame move away from you. Do your best to make a long, steady stream so the flame won’t flicker around. Count in your head how long you were able to keep the flame moving away from you. This exercise is perfect for singers because it allows you to manage a good flow of air out so that you can sing long phrases with precise control.

One of the simplest exercises for singers is the simple hum. Humming is a great vocal exercise to do while rehearsing regularly or while warming up for a performance. Unlike some exercises, this one may seem too simplistic to be beneficial, but rest assured that there are many benefits from humming. Singers know that warmed up vocal chords means your singing tone will be 100% clearer and warmer if they are warmed up first before singing. Humming will also help with breathing control as you can see how long and controlled you can hum. More exercises ahead!

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Stretching the body can be a great exercise for singers. Your muscles help you control your breathing and thus your singing. Make sure to stretch your back, abdominal and neck muscles (carefully as to not pull anything) before each rehearsal or performance. It also doesn’t hurt to do arms and legs since you will likely be moving around or at the very least standing. As with any exercises, be sure not to over-do things. Do stretches for no more than 10 seconds per side and do not bounce or jolt any muscles! When rotating the neck to help loosen it up, do not roll the head backward onto the back. This can do damage to the neck, which would be devastating to singers.

Exercises for singers can be fun too. Another good exercise is alliteration. Singers, try to say this: “Sally Sells Seashells Swiftly” repeatedly. Then try “Fred’s frogs frolic forwards”. Doing exercises like this help singers to stretch their mouths and to get their brains and mouths working together to quickly and accurately sing what is intended. Another phrase to try is “unique New York” repeated over and over.

Singing scales can be beneficial as it trains the brain in being aware of how the body should be used to achieve a certain tone at a certain time. This might be one of the hardest of the exercises so if you’re not sure what a scale should sound like, think ‘Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do”. If you’re still not sure what that means, search for it on the internet, as there are many resources about scales regarding exercises.

Best of luck with your exercises, singers!